Cut with precision and versatility.

Our in-house water cutting machines produce very fine, yet complex engineering and aesthetic components. Let us help you with your next project.

Water jet cutting.

With a selection of custom built Ultra High Pressure Water Jet (UHPWJ) cutting tables, we offer fast turnaround and versatility in cutting a wide range of materials to depths greater than laser or plasma.
UHPWJ offers precision cutting with no heat affected zones and no or minimal edge clean up.

UHP Water-jet cutting is a “cold-cutting” process. This means that delicate or exotic materials are not affected by heat, which can cause distortion or warpage in materials like stainless steel, titanium or Inconel, or shatter other materials like glass or ceramics.

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Water jet cutting

Advantages of water jet cutting.

The water jet cutting process offers flexibility that no other cutting process can match. Intricate and irregular shapes can be cut from almost any material with exceptional precision.

No heat-affected zones.

Water jet is a cold cutting process, and does not cause problems associated with heat-generating cutting processes - such as warping, distortion, or hardening of edges.


Less wastage.

Due to its relatively narrow kerf, water jet cutting can reduce the amount of scrap material produced by allowing uncut parts to be nested more closely together than traditional cutting methods.


Cuts virtually any material.

The cold cutting process combined with extremely accurate and powerful jets means almost any type of material can be cut.

Water Jet

Dual head cutting.

IAS Group has two CNC flatbed water jet machines equipped with dual cutting heads. This feature enables high volumes of cutting, reducing lead times for our clients. The machines can cut virtually any material, regardless of hardness, conductivity, and sensitivity. The dual heads are fitted with separate abrasive feeders, which allows cutting with or without garnet, meaning two different materials can be cut simultaneously. This unique feature reduces set up time, which increases efficiency.

The cutting heads cover a 12m × 3m area and has a 400mm clearance between the flatbed and the cutting head, allowing us to place any material up to that height for cutting.

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Dual head cutting

Project management.

IAS has dedicated Project Managers complimented by a strong engineering team to manage your project effectively. Our multi-disciplined engineering team incorporates mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical engineers to ensure a complete solution can be provided.

We believe that open communication with our clients is vital to our success. This ensures a clear concise scope of work is defined and on-time deliveries are achieved.

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Project management

Other services.

We also offer other services to help you accomplish your project.

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UHP Blasting.

We have over 20 years of experience in high pressure (up to 40,000 psi) water jetting/water blasting used across a wide variety of industrial applications.

Our highly trained operators have the knowledge, experience and technological resources to safely and efficiently complete the most demanding jobs under a wide range of conditions.

UHP blasting


We can support you with your logistical needs from our large fleet of vehicles, capable of delivering up to 12 tonnes anywhere in the Perth metro area.



We are able to perform a range of machining requirements that are complementary to our market-leading capabilities. Our experienced machinists employ total focus on quality, customer service and turnaround time. We are able to machine a variety of materials to an exacting standard.


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