IAS Group remain fully committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, clients and business partners while striving to maintain business continuity through these unprecedented and difficult times. Whilst ensuring proactivity, our decisions and actions will continue to follow the general advice from the Australian government.

IAS’s success as company has stemmed from our ability to deliver quality services that extend the performance of our customer’s critical infrastructure. Our mission and commitment has not changed
as a result of the current pandemic and we remain willing and able to support new and existing customers as they seek to maintain business continuity.

For all staff, we have made provision for minimising contact and implemented appropriate hygiene and distancing measures to secure the resourcing required to meet the commitments above and limit the spread of the virus. Furthermore, we are preparing to work under new business models that will enable more innovative solutions to the resourcing, supply chain and logistical challenges that are being presented to our customers. All the while recognising that traditional safety risks must still be mitigated.

During this most difficult and challenging time we will continue to be considerate of the broader community, in particular elderly relatives and vulnerable members of society.

For enquiries, our telephone and email systems will continue to operate –please make contact if we can help in any way. | +61 (08) 9334 944 4

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